Riccardo Donadon

Founder of H-FARM, a venture incubator with the aim of favouring, backing, and accelerating the development of start-up firms.

Paolo Verri

Cultural organizer and strategies consultant for urban development, member of the Operations committee for the Prize.

Giannino Marzotto

President of Associazione Progetto Marzotto.

Marco Marinucci

Marco Marinucci is the founder and executive director of Mind the Bridge and he is responsible for Google’s content partnerships activities.

Sergio Chiamparino

Mayor of Turin since 2001; earlier he worked in the secretariat of the Italian communist party, then with the Turin branch of the CGIL union, and he then became secretary of the Turin and Piedmont PDS party

Oscar Farinetti

Founder and president of Eataly, the first supermarket devoted to high quality food.