Riccardo Donadon is the founder of H-FARM, a venture incubator that since 2005 has operated at an international level with the aim of favouring, backing, and accelerating the development of start-up firms based on innovative business models in the Internet sector and that of digital media.
The main headquarters of H-Farm, in Cà Tron in the province of Treviso, consist of three country houses; they are structured to accommodate some 250 people. In May 2008 H-Farm was extended to include a second “epicentre” in Seattle, U.S.A., while in 2009 it expanded into the Indian market with its operative centre in Mumbai. At the end of 2009 the number of persons employed were 160.
Before H-Farm, Donadon had been the founder of E-TREE which, within just a few months, had become the Italian reference point for understanding the world of work, its informal mentality, its speed of growth, its business methodology and, of course, for its competence in finding and applying solutions. In 2001, having arrived at a turnover of 26 billions and 160 employees, it was ceded 100% to the Etnoteam group.