Ferrero: from alba to the world

The absolute leader in the Italian confectionary sector; the first in Germany, and among the first in Europe and the world. Since 1948 the Ferrero factory in Alba has continued to search for increasingly efficient technologies to keep abreast of a continuously expanding request and to expand its boundaries, first in Europe, and then in the U.S.A., Central America, Southeast Asia, and Australia.
Today the group, which has its headquarters in Luxembourg, consists of thirty-seven active societies and three centres for research and development. Fourteen factories produce more than nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand tons of confectionary products per year, thanks to the work of twenty thousand four hundred employees.
The dream of Pietro Ferrero, the founder of the firm, has become a reality: to destroy confectionary’s reputation as an elite product for the few or only for certain special occasion during the year. His idea of exploiting such abundant products of the Piedmont territory as hazelnuts (Pasta Gianduja, or Giandujot, dates from 1946; in 1949 Cremalba was produced, followed by Supercrema, the forerunner of Nutella) has been confirmed by the history of a firm consisting above all of people and their small and large intuitions.