An innovative bank that is unique in Italy and probably in the world: which has based all its operative and cultural activity on the principles of Ethical Finance: transparency, the right to access to credit, efficiency, and attention to the non-economic consequences of economic actions. Its aim is to manage savings by making them available to social-economic initiatives with social aims operating in full respect of the dignity of humanity and nature.
To operate while respecting people. The environment and the cultural specifics of the territorial context in which the Banca Etica operates for a better quality of life means that the bank can offer credit to both non-profit and profit- making bodies in the sphere of social economy by evaluating people and projects mainly on the basis of their capacity for producing social value. Equity: a just distribution of wealth and resources aimed at overcoming those social inequalities which harm human dignity, and at acquiring the means for following one’s own aims in life, with respect for personal needs and a recognition of each person’s contribution to the creation of social, relational, and economic value.