Ecor is an example of both economic success and of great Italian entrepreneurship; at the same time it represents a new way in which a business can relate to its territory.
Ecor’s aim is to promote agricultural and biodynamic activity in order to contribute to the wellbeing of people and society. Its mission is the distribution of biological and biodynamic products aimed at uniting economy and ecology.
Ecor wishes to diffuse a new idea of a “bio-shop”; in other words, a store that is not only a space for shopping but also one that can convey a philosophy of life, a philosophy aimed at a search for high-quality biological products, a renewal of agricultural activity, and a biological education for both the storekeepers and customers. Ecor is convinced that culture is the moral and substantial basis of work and that choices must be made by faithfully adhering to certain fundamental principles: a respect for the environment, transparency in dealings with the producer and the consumer, financing social projects in the sphere of biodynamic agriculture and of Steiner-inspired teaching.
With Europe in its sights, Ecor aims at growing to create long-lasting collaborations and partnerships with financial operators from other countries, in order to exchange experiences, and create interactions.