Dainese, the leading Italian society for the production of protective clothing for motorcyclists and the practitioners of dynamic sports, was founded in 1972 in Molvena, Vicenza, by its current president Lino Dainese; he had begun his activity with the production of leather breeches for motocross.
The firm’s interests involve medical, accident-care, ergonomic, and engineering competences and it works on such important projects as the recent D-air® technology.
D-air® is a technological platform devoted to the protection of people and is characterized by an “intelligent” system that immediately pinpoints a dangerous situation and at once inflates a special airbag around the body. The intelligent D-air® system works without any physical link to the vehicle, which is also a result of its special algorithmic activation. Designed for a high degree of integration with the human body, its special high-pressure airbag can envelop the body and uniformly protect it from shocks.