MyDoctor@Home is a service allowing patients with chronic pathologies to monitor their own physiological parameters (body weight, artery pressure, heartbeat, oxygen saturation of the blood, glycaemia, spirometry, electrocardiogram, etc.) at home using a cell phone. The technological platform that activates this service was developed by Telecom Italia.
The patients, on the basis of a programme established by their doctor, receive reminders on their cell phone about the measures to be taken. Specific portable devices reveal particular parameters and, thanks to their Bluetooth technology, automatically send the information onto the web through the cell phone.
Once the doctor has gained access to the web he can check from his office the functioning of the treatment and can correct it at any time by informing the patient immediately. In a similar way, nursing staff, during a visit to the patient’s home, can send clinical information to the doctor and have an immediate diagnosis and give rapid instructions thus accelerating the time for diagnosis and intervention. In May 2008 as part of their medical-telephone activities, Telecom Italia, the Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni Battista, Turin, and the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, began to work together on experiments with the MyDoctor@Home service for monitoring hospital patients by phone with the aim of evaluating the benefits in terms both of bettering the patients’ quality of life and of optimizing hospital costs.